Optimum Air Conditioning has completed many projects over the years. These projects range from 14 Floor water-cooled VRV system to small extract systems and split units.

Some of our projects are:


Complete replacement of air conditioning to a 14-floor building (approximately 14,000 square meters) This comprised of the first phase of installation closed circuit condenser water system including the installation of 4 cooling towers to the roof followed by a floor by floor installation of water cooled VRV systems. The programme accommodated for the staff to be temporarily relocated as each floor has been refurbished. All noisy work was done outside of normal hours to avoid disrupting the occupants. Portions of the existing plant was modified, refurbished & re-used to supply tempered fresh air to the building. The contract also included the supply and installation of structural platforms in a shaft on every floor to create a plant room area. This included the associated builder’s works for access doors as well as all electrical DB’s and supplies. The entire electrical reticulation was integrated into the BMS with electrical consumption meters. The entire building is interfaced to a remotely accessible building management system to monitor & control the air conditioning. This was a turnkey project.

Various other systems including installing 16 VRV systems in a call centre. The existing AC was removed as the new systems were installed and brought online. All BMS works, electrical consumption and builders work formed part of this turnkey project.


We designed and installed a water-cooled chilled water system in the CBD for a 9 floor building. The work was carried out in a way that ensured minimal disruption to the occupants of this multi-storey building. Most of the works were carried out outside normal working hours. The fresh air system, builders work, controls and electrical works formed part of this turnkey project.

We recently replaced 4 x water cooled chillers with 2 x air cooled chillers at Vodacom Techno in Bellville. The entire project was carried out and managed in a way to minimize the down time of the building AC systems and to ensure minimal disruptions to the occupants of the building.


We have completed many other projects including new VRV systems, revamping entire building HVAC systems, new ventilation systems, system upgrades, new rooftop plants, shopping malls and many other projects. The list of projects we do grows daily. Contact us for an updated list.